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By MLWoods · Sep 14, 2013 · ·
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    Our close friend and architect designed and helped us build our coop. Three separate cubes, from right to left (small to large): Entry, hook for feed, I put the feed in at night, and it hangs under the middle cube during the day.mthe pop door is here and the is another large door for easy access to clean this and the nest box cube.""
    Middle, 4 nest boxes and a little walking room to move around. Nest boxes are accessed from side by side doors, they are divided side by side with a fixed panel, but the top boxes are removable, easily cleaned thru the nest box doors OR the feed door.
    Large, roosting cube, accessed by a large door. Fixed window faces east to wake them up! Roosting bar is diagonally placed for maximum length and doesn't block window or door. We don't have any type of droppings board, that is where I see an improvement.
    The gardens have a very gentle slope from tallest to the shortest. There is a PVC pipe draining the top to the middle, the middle to the lower, and the the PVC goes from the lower thru the entry cube out to the ground. Each cube is lined with pond liner, then pea gravel, and on on top is the soil, and then plants.
    Each cube looks sort of floating because they are raised and cantilevered. We added upper and lower vents in each cube. the water hangs below the roosting cube, and during the day the feed hangs under the nesting cube. Around one of the posts we secured oyster shell and grit containers. I am no good at putting pictures in a logical order, but this was best attempt at making sure you can see all the angles and the framework. I hope you like it, if you want the plans, I can get them!

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  1. MROO
    "Really Unique Coop!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Dec 15, 2018
    This is a beautifully designed and well thought out coop. I would love to see some plans and diagrams, especially for placement and attachment of the center support pole. I LOVE this coop!
  2. Nardo
    "Coop roof planters"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Dec 5, 2018
    I like this idea. I wonder if the chickens eat whatever you plant. Be good to have some inside pics and maybe dimensions.
  3. mrs_organized_chaos
    "Coop is Beautiful, Article is Lacking"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    The plan/design for the coop would be helpful as well as the list of materials used to build it.


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  1. Pennychickens1
  2. KittyKat3756
    Would be great to see the plans!

    How many legs does it have? Could you take some more photos of the drainage system for the roof?
  3. Lynn-n-JimsVT
    Awesome coop!
  4. Bogtown Chick
    I really like this. Would love to see more progress photos. Wonderful.
  5. Nardo
    This coop is interesting for many reasons. I can't see exactly how the three are held onto the frame. Is there one or two foundation piers? Very cool and nice for gardening folks too.
  6. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  7. MLWoods
    Thanks guys!!!
  8. lawrencerooney
    That's one great, unique coop... good job!
  9. brendi
    I Love that idea! Nice job
  10. ChemicalchiCkns
    Hheehhehe taht's awsome
  11. Whittni
    It's cute, thanks for sharing!
  12. miquwid
    love it especially the plants

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