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Rooster Cogburn Jr S Member Page

  1. Rooster Cogburn Jr.
    These are just some of my random pictures till I get better ones.
    This is Blondie. She's one of my favorites. She's a pet and likes to roost on my hand or shoulder. She got her name because she got all of her feathers except for the ones on her head were still yellow. She was so cute.
    9.jpg blondiesmall.jpg 8.jpg
    These others are just random pics and birds. Some have names some don't. One is Johnny Cash, One is Tina Turner, one is Little Red, and Hawk my Spangled Russian Orloff Roo. I don't have pics of my Two Favorite NHR roos. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Big Red. But I will get them soon.
    Hawk Little Red Johnny Cash
    roo-1.jpg 4.jpg 5-1.jpg
    Tina Turner
    11.jpg 13.jpg 10.jpg
    This is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's the Boss.
    This is Little Red

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