The Chickens and the Winchester Mystery Coop
My EE chicks at two days old



This is a two story shed. I converted the right side into the coop. I cut the window, made the chicken door that operates via the rope and pully, made the run with the hinging top on the left side for easy cleaning. The coop is 4'x7' and the run is 12'x4'.

I just put in the linoleum. The ramp leeds to two nesting boxes and the roost is on the right.

For cleaning, the ramp hinges and snaps to the shelf and the roost hangs on the wall.

This is a hatch in the ceiling. Ventilation in the summer but pull on the cord and it closes for the winter.

This is a feeder I made in the wall dividing the shed from the coop. From the shed side, (seen here) it can be filled and then closed to allow access to the chickens. It sounded like a good idea when I was building the wall. Time will tell if it is.
The Flock

This one got named, George. I hope it's more like a Georgina. These are all 10 days old. George is the only white one. There are three that are brown and two that are supposed to be blue.

This is one of the blue ones. The lighting is not good. This one and the next one are greyer on the wings than the brown ones.

The other "blue" one.

The three brown peeps.

The chicks at three weeks and in the coop.

This is Daisy at four weeks

Left to right; Daisy, George, Rose

Expanding the run. The new gate to the "backyard" with glass insulators decorating the posts. This adds another 130 square feet for the chickens. Now they have a front porch, (on the left) as well as a backyard.

The new fence on the left and the shed door that leads to the coop inside. New additions as of 9-4-10