Rooster Fights

A help guide on how you should handle your roosters fighting each other.
By tiger91807 · Feb 25, 2018 · ·
  1. tiger91807
    hqdefault.jpg As many of us know that male animals will fight each other for dominance and show that they are better to the female. This is the exact same with roosters. Here's some tips on rooster's fighting and what you should do if you notice them fighting.

    If you or somebody else finds two roosters fighting constantly you should most likely get rid of one of your roosters. If they are brothers through and have been raised together then you can most likely keep them around each other for a while. If they are not brothers, watch them and keep the separated. If you want to teach them not to fight you simply after they fight, pick one of them up and put it in to a bucket of water then take them out quickly. Then do the same with the other. Eventually they should stop fighting at each other if you keep doing this right after they fight. If this does not work then you can try getting rid of one of them. If your having trouble choosing I would suggest you go with the most violent one leaves. If the most violent one leaves it would likely find a new place with many female chickens for it to be in charge of. It then should then fix it's attitude and be better. For the other it will do the same, if they are brothers and they keep fighting you should get rid of one as well.

    Signs that the chickens are fighting are that they usually will be jumping at each other and pecking the other. They will try and hog the most food and will some times peck you if you touch them. If you find any blood and no chickens are hurt or injured you know it's time to send one away. If you feel bad you really shouldn't because the rooster is going to have it's own hens to be in charge of. It will be more happy if it is the only dominate male.

    If you have any questions or an add on to what i'm saying please comment it. I will answer any questions and agree any comments as well. -tiger91807

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