1. RoostersAreAwesome
    If you have too many roosters, an easy solution is starting a rooster flock. A rooster flock is a flock of all roosters, with no hens.

    Feeding and Watering Your Rooster Flock
    If you have more than two roosters in your rooster flock it might be a good idea to have more than one feeder and/or waterer. I have a rooster flock of eight, and I have three waterers and two feeders, and it works out great. Its not always necessary to have multiple feeders and waterers, especially if you always have the feeder full or have easygoing roosters.

    Introducing New Roosters to Your Rooster Flock
    Sometimes, it's easy to introduce new roosters to your rooster flock, but sometimes it's not. At first, I just put the new roosters into the rooster pen and made sure the other roos didn't hurt them too badly. But then I tried to introduce two new cockerels, and the other roos kept trying to peck them in the face. So, I put the two new cockerels in a cage within the rooster pen for the night and let them out in the morning. The new cockerels were accepted and no blood was drawn. If you think the other roosters will hurt the new roosters or they already have, try putting the new roos in a cage within the pen for a while.

    How to Deal With Bullies
    Sometimes you will get a rooster who constantly bullies another rooster, or maybe even bullies the whole rooster flock. A few fights are normal, the roosters are establishing the pecking order. But, if a rooster is constantly fighting with his flockmates or is constantly chasing the other roosters, it becomes stressful for the other roosters. Sometimes roosters bully each other because they don't have enough room in their pen/coop. Sometimes it's just young roosters trying to gain dominance over other roosters. If your rooster is bullying other roos, you could separate him from the other roosters for a little while and reintroduce him. But, if that doesn't work, you might have to remove the bully roo from your rooster flock.

    Thanks for reading my article! I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, or something I need to add, please tell me.


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  1. CCinVT
    I was so excited to see this article. I have had a fox take too many hens, and left me in a position where I want to start a rooster flock. My boys are easy going, and have been great pets. New chicks (to get our hen numbers up is increasing my rooster population).
    My 2 cents on this article (only because it is info i'm currently looking for): What are Space requirements? Are they different for a rooster flock compared to a hen flock... coop : run. Square footage needs so that the boys have the space they need. Currently my 2 separated boys get along fine, but with upcoming new additions we want them to be set up with space they need.
    I appreciate you spelling out what your food station numbers are. People say to have "extra" but you are explaining what that means!
    Thank you for this article.
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    1. RoostersAreAwesome
      I'm not sure about exact square footage, but I do know that you should have enough room that the roosters can stay away from each other if they want to. This also depends on the personalities of your roosters. If they get along really well, they don't need as much space.
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