I am 14 years old and have a large flock my family and i
purchased in the spring! i didn't know anything about chickens then but
now through research i nearly know everything! from how to sex them from
knowing what breed to caring for them.
our first batch of chickens was 2 buff orphingtons 2 rhode island reds
and 2 barded rocks. then 1 rhode island red (chicken Joe) and one
buff (Sam) were found dead one morning :(
so we got 4 more! 2 rhode island reds 1 ameracuna and 1 orphington!
But i love chickens so much we bought 4 more ameracunas!
then after about another month and a half i got my own money
and bought 4 rhode island reds and 1 more ameracana!
i love them so much! all together now we have 17 chickens!
since we have so many chickens they require a lot of space so me
and my step dad made 1 giant coop 10x8 feet, 2 chicken tractors, and 1 brooding pen!
here are my chickens hope you like them! We just recently got rid of two RIR's and the 4 young americanas so now we only have 11 but i still love them all!!!! hoping to make more chicks with our hens this spring!!!!



above is my favorite of them all rocky the rhode island red rooster!!!