Roosters The Good Bad And Ugly

By Cane Toad · Dec 13, 2012 · Updated Dec 13, 2012 · ·
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    Whether you want a rooster for breeding purposes, extra protection for your hens or just can bear to part with that rooster you hatched, there are many factors you must consider before you decide whether to or not buy or keep a rooster.

    What to consider before buying or keeping a rooster:
    1. Do you want a breeding rooster or a rooster for protection?
    2. Will you or your family be in harm’s way?
    3. Do you have a big enough property to keep a rooster? (By this I how close are your neighbors!)
    4. Are you willing to put up with the crowing?

    The good:
    Roosters are full or personality and spunk! And will protect your hens with their life. I have known many roosters that are always keeping watch for danger, fighting of ‘bad guys’ and alerting the hens when food is found. My Aunties rooster Happy Feet, for example is everything above and more. He is always on the watch for danger, and when a hen is not feeling too well or having trouble laying eggs or hatching them, he goes over and quietly comforts them. He also alerts the hens when he finds food and often gives up food for his girlfriends. He truly is the ideal rooster. He also creates some stunning chicks, because of his beautiful colour and good breeding lines.

    Happy Feet

    By keeping a rooster you will also receive chicks! YAY! This will not only provide you with some new hens but offer the re warding experience of raising chicks for you and your kids.

    The Bad:
    We chicken lovers have and will come across roosters that are bad and takes his job too seriously, by this I mean attacking you, your children, pets and visitors. While this is a good thing because nothing will get your hens, you also have to consider the damage he could potently do to you or family members. Rooster attacks can be serious.

    Other bad things about roosters include that crowing. If you live on a big property and your neighbors are a few kilometers/miles away then you should be fine. But living in a suburban area, with a rooster, not so good idea. Not only will he wake you up at 2 o’clock in the morning but also your whole entire street! You will receive complaints from neighbors and if you continue to keep the rooster, you will end up being hated by the whole entire street. Rooster + suburban area = BIG NO NO

    Angry Bird a not so nice rooster


    AB going to attack a young hen

    The ugly:
    Rooster.Attacks.Ugly. Nothing is worse than walking into work with big cuts on your legs and explain to your co-workers that your beloved Frankie attacked you because you got to close to him and his hens.

    Overall roosters make a fantastic addition to any flock, even if you do get the occasional cut!

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