The Chickenville Coop
Welcome to Chickenville, my mobile coop located in SE Michigan. My DH and I have pretty much finished the coop, but it still needs a couple things like more pop doors, a few more coats of paint. We built Chickenville from the ground up, starting with a small mobile home trailer frame. LOTS of patience, heavy lifting, and a little bit of blood later, wha-la! a mobile chicken coop fit for my ladies.
I have to thank my DH, Jeff, without him I would have been lost in sea of power tools and a mountain of building supplies. I also have to thank Mark of Mathis Farms (Jeff's employer) for his generous donation of the aluminum roofing sheets. Thank You!
No one was seriously injured while building this coop, although I did learn a little respect for the staple gun... Anyway, here are some pictures taken during and after construction. Enjoy! -Chelsea

Above: Here it is all framed out and ready for roof and walls.


Above: The plywood walls are on now and the windows are cut out.

Below: I stapled down lanolium over the high grade osb and one of the dividing walls is in place too.
******WARNING! Do NOT put lanolium down in a high traffic coop! After six months, my girls had it torn to shreds!!!


Below: Here's Jeff spaying on the first coat of paint before we put the alluminum roof on.
******Note: White is not a good color to use on a mobile coop. I'm repainting this spring to barn red.******



Above: The almost finnished product. Complete with 2 55 gallon drums so I don't have to haul water.


Above: The blue tarp is a temporary door so I can get into the pen.

Below: Some of my girls enjoying the morning breeze on their roosts.


Below: Hard to see, but there are 3 sections in the coop. The small middle room is now a feed room.


Below: We had done some more work to it this fall when the weather started getting cooler. The coop now has plexi-glass windows that slide on a wood track and trim along the roof and pop door. I also bought an electric net fence and charger to allow my girls some more freedom. I absolutely love that fence. It stops coons, dogs, even cattle right in their tracks. It's just a little bit of a pain to move though.