Hello my name is Kerry and I am from England. I am a single mum to my beautiful daughter Cora. And I have a lovely boyfriend rick who puts up with my obssesive chicken talk and he even encourages my obssetion. How fantastic is he xx.
I started with my love of chickens when I was 3. My next door neighbour had hatched some chickens. I have been adicted since. Although I have gotten worse in the last 7 years since my little girl was born. Rick has bought me a chicken run for christmas from ebay. We decided this was the cheeper option. I really wanted to make my own. But this would of cost too much. I dont have any spare wood hanging around. So I have a brand new hutch with run on its way. And I have also bought 6 Buff Orpington bantam miniture chicken eggs. I am hoping they will arrive tomorrow. I am woried they will get lost in the christmas post. So I am a little nervouse. I have also tryed to make my own needs a few tweeks. But once finished I am sure it will be o.k.