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By Whittni · Jan 10, 2012 ·
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    I have a pair of Black Laced Rosecomb Bantams. The hen, Smog, has very little gold showing, due to lacing and on my rooster, Percy its a lot easier to see the lace on him. Something I've noticed with the black laced variant is they will have partly feathered feet.





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    This is Smog. She's very nice and lays large eggs for a batam. (began molting in picture) Reared 6 chicks with Percy this fall (2011)​


    This is Percy. He is on the quiet side and is able to manage 6 hens at any given time. Excellent father instincts.​

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    Whittni has Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with minors in Art and Communication. In her free time, she enjoys studying flock behavior and hopes to train as a poultry judge in the future.

    Her favorite animals? Chickens of course! Whittni would like to revolutionize the outside stigma of poultry keeping and help economise backyard flock keeping. She also enjoys sewing, crafts, and traveling abroad with her husband Aleksei.


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