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By Rosecomb-Ryan · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Rosecomb-Ryan
    I have been raising birds for over 10 years, I am still a youth but started early, I breed for the best of every breed I raise. Not for production or meat, but for show and pets. My Main breed is Muscovys, I have had Muscovys since the beginning. I also have a line of Cayugas that isnt seen every day, they are HUGE and have awesome type. I have also had my own line of Black East Indies for over 4-5 years. They are a mix up of some other breeders all over the country. I have also dont well with them, Winning Overall Best of Breed and Champion Junior Waterfowl at 2010 PPBA Poultry show. I also Raise Geese, Africans from Holderread, Egyptians from my own group of birds, and Brown Chinas from a few different breeders. I mainly Show Muscovys and have some really great birds in Chocolate, White, Silver, Blue and Black. At my peek points I have 300-500 birds but usually get down to 100-150 breeders.
    I also have a few breeds for the fun and joy, Nenes are one of my only breeds I have for fun and not show. I also enjoy my Nenes, They make perfect birds to have free ranging in our yard and are always the first thing people ask about.
    I ocasionally have birds for sale and Sometimes will ship, PM me with what you are interested in in the Spring-Summer and will know what I have by the end of summer for Fall shipping.

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    Ryan if you still come to BYC please come and say hi on the duck thread I miss you!

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