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  1. Henriettasmum
    I am Henrietta's Mum or, I was Henrietta's Mum before she was killed by a hawk but she fought to the death to protect her young chick that she was sheltering underneath her. Now, perhaps I should say that I am Henrietta's son's Grandma! I only started a couple of years ago, with a couple of hens just to give my husband and me some eggs for breakfast. I didn't realise at the time that this was the onset of madness and that I would get so carried away so that now I have over 50 birds in my flock. Not only chickens, but ducks and guinea fowl.
    I love all my birds and the flock keeps increasing. I always seem to have one or more broody hens sitting on eggs and I also incubate silkies and pekins which I sell as children's pets and I also give some away to aged care homes for their dementia patients. Pekins especially are wonderfully calming for the elderly. I'm 72 so I guess I am in that category and find my daily relaxation with a cup of coffee outside in the sun as I watch my babies free-ranging on my acreage property.

    I live in Far North Queensland, Australia; in the mountains 150 kms south-west of the city of Cairns, in the tropics. Beautiful weather, beautiful reef just off shore. It's a wonderful part of the world.

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