Rosie and the flower pots (Deleted)

By Mountain Peeps · Nov 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps

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  1. mymilliefleur
    Awwwww!!!!!! She knows there's got to be a worm in there if she just digs a little deeper!
  2. MyPetNugget
    Love all of your pics!! And Rosie is such a cute chicken! :)
  3. Brookliner
    Beautiful hen. Smart too.
  4. Mountain Peeps
    She is a speckled sussex:)
  5. crazyfeathers
    She is beautiful. What breed is she?
  6. TwoCrows
    She is so pretty! Fun too!! :)
  7. Chickenchick11
    Awwww Rosie looks so pretty and funny.

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