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Rosie and the Flower Pots!

  1. Mountain Peeps
    Meet Rosie.
    She's curious, friendly, fast and pretty. She always seems to be on an adventure checking something new out.

    Today she liked the flower pots!
    She digs a little deeper...
    ...Until she decides it's easiest to...
    ...JUST GET IN!

    Thanks for reading and looking![​IMG]

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  1. mymilliefleur
    Awwwww!!!!!! She knows there's got to be a worm in there if she just digs a little deeper!
  2. MyPetNugget
    Love all of your pics!! And Rosie is such a cute chicken! :)
  3. Brookliner
    Beautiful hen. Smart too.
  4. Mountain Peeps
    She is a speckled sussex:)
  5. crazyfeathers
    She is beautiful. What breed is she?
  6. TwoCrows
    She is so pretty! Fun too!! :)
  7. Chickenchick11
    Awwww Rosie looks so pretty and funny.

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