Rosie the survivor

By Hens rule · May 25, 2015 · Updated Jan 11, 2016 · ·
  1. Hens rule

    Rosie the survivor
    We got Rosie the Redsexlink in the Summer of 2014 and her 2 friends who where given to us from our neibors who where moving.
    I have 17 hens and Rosie is one of them but she is a survivor...
    The day we got Rosie and her 2 sisters they slept up on my coop just like 2 of my other hens Doris and Coopy. In the morning I couldnt find Rosie so me, my family and my neibors went searching the whole neiborhood for Rosie. We didnt find Rosie yet that night and I was really worried about her.
    i looked all over and we still couldnt find Rosie! In the morning I heard the doorbell ring and i wasnt in time to see someone walking away from my house...WITH ROSIE. Like i said before i wasnt in time but he came back with my Rosie! He said she was in his backyard and that means Rosie traveled almost a mile and crossed the road!!! :gig
    She also survived the night out side off her normal yard where preditors may be all night! She sure is a smart hen!

    In the middle of the cold winter Rosie's crop became impacted very badly. :( It was a -50 degree wind chill winter with 8 feet of snow which made it harder to get into the coop and help her. The nest day she was worse. I gave her yogurt and massaged her crop. Finnaly the nest day I called the vet becuase she wasnt doing good. They said to massage it and i did and they said that if its not good in the morning than we can bring her in to the vet.
    I had noticed her braking eggs open in the nesting boxes pretty often and eating not just the egg but also the straw which the egg got on a week before this all happend. Straw aint good for chickens crops! I even noticed a big difference in her before she became sick, mainly because she ate so much straw.

    On the 4th day of no water or food passing her crop we brought her into the vet. She had a camera put into her crop so the vet could look in... :/ And they sucked that junk out. They gave us antibiotics and anti- swelling liquid meds for her to take for the nest 5 days and they said she had a 80% chance of it working, and guess what? ...It WorkeD!!! Rosie was than a happy hen! :cd

    I love all of my 17 hens including Rosie!!!

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  1. chicken4prez
    Nice chicken @Hens rule !!! You must have loved her very much
  2. Hens rule
  3. Diannastarr
    awww thats such a sweet story, good luck to you & your rosie..! : )
  4. Hens rule
    Thank you
  5. king tail
    Rosie is very tough! and very pretty. :)
  6. Hens rule
    Thanks! She sure is!
  7. Chickenchick11
    Wow! Rosie is quite the trooper!

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