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    Rosie is a 2 1/2 year old Red Sex Link hens and she is a very sweet lovable hen. 4-8 months ago I noticed that her belly seemed to be sort of swollen or enlarged. Almost a year ago I also noticed that Rosie wasn't laying eggs anymore, so I just thought it was because of the stress from coming to our house from my neighbors who where moving. Rosie and Henny and Frenchfrie settled right in with our flock so that's what confused me the most.

    A few days ago I noticed Rosie wasn't walking as much and she loved to lay on her side or just sit in general and she was sort of lethargic. The next day (yesterday) she was worse. I hoped she would make it to the next day (today) so I could try to save her from what's wrong with her and she survived which is why I call her the survivor hen. She has survived a major impacted crop and being lost outside of the fence almost 24 hours.

    Today I got the diagnosis from the very helpful people on BYC and chicken forum and ofcorse the Internet and it turns out she has Internal laying-- which is NOT good at all.
    So yes, the reason Rosie likes to sit down so much and rest and also since she hasn't been laying is because she is Internal laying. This is my blog for Rosie as her suspencful story. I will update many times a day until I can save her. :old


    ~ I started on day 3 of Rosie showing symptoms and being lethargic. Each day is each day about Rosie and how she's doing until I can save her!~

    Day 3
    I gave Rosie some electrolyte my mouth with syring and some antibiotic called Tylan. It seemed to give her more energy but she is back to sitting on the ground. Rosie is okay at the moment and she is sleeping in her little nest I made for her in the roosting area in her own little spot. I gave her some yogurt which she enjoyed and a little bit more electrolyte by syringe.

    Day 4
    Rosie is okay at the moment again but she still is lethargic and tierd. She perked up when I Tried to give her some water and electrolytes. I also fed her today 2 times which she enjoyed, birds seed with wet chicken food! I would have brought Rosie to the vet today but my family wasn't in the mood- I was!

    Day 5
    Rosie isn't as good as yesterday. She can still walk but it seems to be getting harder by the day for her. She prefers to lay on her side and she has lost her appetite. I tried feeding her but she wasn't hungry and it seems like her crop isn't emptying as quick as when she was healthy.
    When I came out to check on her she wasn't in her nest and had moved closer to the door to get outside. I took her out and she sat down for a while until she got up and went into my shed with most of my hens.

    Day 6
    I went out to check on my chickens late today and I found that Rosie had moved from the roosting area to the run where some other chickens where eating. I put some water in front of her and she drank A LOT of it. She drank for 5-10 minutes straight. Im really glad that she has gotten her thirst back now I'm aiming for her appetite too!

    Day 7
    I went out to my chickens at about 12:00pm and I didn't see any of my hens any where. I looked in the coop and Rosie was in there. She had moved from her nest I made her which was a little messed up to almost the middle of the roosting area floor. I found my other chickens resting in my shed. I put water in front of Rosie while she sat inside the coop and she drank some. I'm wondering if Rosie has ascites and not internal laying. What do you think?

    Day 8
    Rosie seems okay today. :cd
    I fed her some yogurt, wet chicken food and water which she enjoyed. She can't walk as well and she limps and flaps her wings to move around and that's the main reason why she can't eat or drink on her own... She can't move to the food!

    Day 23
    After a while away from my chickens, Rosie is much better!!!1 I think i cured the internal laying, now all i have to deal with is her slowish crop and the other hens bulling her. Rosies comb is much less pail, she can walk almost all the way normal and she is hungry and thursty!

    Day 50 something...
    Rosie passed away a few weeks ago. :hit

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  1. cluckcluckgirl
    Please do keep us updated on her situation! I hope she gets better.

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