I am new here and this is my 1st post. While I have yet to gather any chickens for our future adventure, they do need a home right? So I drew up a few plans after researching and came up with this design. The material on the outside of the structure is rough sawn pine, so it will have to be painted or stained and protected againt the elements. As you can see in the picture I opted for a tin sheet metal roof (To match my smokehouse) The flooring is 2 layers of hardibacker concrete board so it will not be effected by waste products or moisture. The windows are large 24 x 24 inserts made of Plexiglass. I live in Arkansas and it gets very warm here, so the windows can just be lifted out. I also put 2 inches of styrofoam board between the metal roof and the ceiling to cut down on heat build up. It has 6 nesting boxes along the front edge there, with a heavy slanted top on it attached with piano hinge. No animal will pry it open due to its weight.

Here is the side of my coop. In the photo you can see the verticle 1x4 that acts as a catch for the lower part (Side) of the coop. That side is attached with 2 2 inch screws that can be taken out so that the panel will slide off so that I can get inside the coop easily to remove the bedding and waste.

Here is a phot of the back of the coop. The window/air vent is 6 foot long and 8 inches tall. It has a fold down 1x8 that closes it off from drafts in the winter. All the windows are installed with 1/4 inch wire to keep the varments out.

Finished coop after staining and sealing