My coop/poultry barn is built almost entirely of recycled materials. It is not very pretty but it is functional. The base is a heavy oak shipping pallet, the frame is 2X4s and 4X4s from our old pool deck, the siding is flakeboard from shipping pallets, the doors are from scrap lumbers, the nest boxes are scrap lumber, the paint was an odd mixed batch from the local lumber yard, the roof is new, clear-ish corrugated plastic roofing for natural sunlight, and the hardware is new. I put a door down low for the chickens, ducks, and turkey and one up higher for the pigeons. The yard is an old chain link dog run with a chain link roof. It cost me about $100 to build and most of that was the roof pieces and screws! I wanted my birds to have natural lighting conditions inside the coop. It didn't take me very long to build it pretty much by myself. A friend came over and helped to frame it out but then after he left, I changed it all around anyway. There are no birds in the photos because I let them all out to run in the yard before I thought to take the photos!