Breed Details:
Royal Palms are normally not used for meat production with young toms averaging 16 lbs and hens 10 lbs. It is usually kept for small household meat production and for exhibition due to it's striking appearance. Many breeders of the Royal Palm refer to the birds as "eye candy". Only the black and white pattern has been recognized but other Royal Palm patterns have been produced, replacing the black with blue, slate, red or brown. Palms are generally white with metallic black edging on the feathers. The tail is mostly white with a band of black almost to the end of the tail with white tips. The saddle is black, coverts and wings are white with a narrow black band. The breast feathers are white with black tips. The Palms have a red to bluish-white throat, wattles & head, a black beard, light brown eyes and a light horn beak. Royal Palms are good fliers, forage well but can be flighty. The toms are generally non-aggressive and the hens are usually good mothers.