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We 3 are new to the chicken world! Started out with 3 chickens for the county fair. Bought 3 ameraucana chicks at the local feed store. Well, with the county fair approaching, we began to search the web for info on ameraucana chickens and soon found out that we might not have true ameraucana chickens. or just not recognized colors. They are sweet chickens with beautiful coloring. Unfortunately, the ladies are for egg production only.
We began to search for breeders of show quality ameraucana chickens. Found one in Texas. Papa bought our daughter 3 show chickens. We have taken them to the poultry show in Fayetteville, AR and the poultry show in Shawnee, OK. Never saw so many chickens before and so many different kinds. Show was a blast! These three chickens have gotten BV, BB, RV and RB.
Well, that is all it took for my husband and daughter. They are hooked! It seems there are chickens everywhere at our place. We have gone from a homemade rabbit cage to an "A" frame coop (the ladies), a smaller "A" frame coop (rooster coop), a longer narrow "A" frame coop for OEGB BBR. And now we're building 2 more even longer narrow "A" frame coop for 2 more breeds of bantams (d'Anvers and OEGB Wheaten).

Rabbit Cage Converted1st A Frame Coop2nd A Frame Coop
We also have 64 eggs in incubators. We are on day 7. It is like taking care of a baby only my husband checks the eggs way more often. (12/17/2010)
We candled all 64 eggs today. 16 of the eggs were not fertilized. Saddly, we missjudged one egg which was fertile and growing, but it was too late once we cracked it. We are down to 46 eggs in one incubator. 12/20/2010
We have a lot to learn. Much reading to do. Much trial and error I am sure is going to happen.