The Christmas Condo Coop

My wife has wanted to raise a few laying chickens for a while now so I'm building her a coop.

Since it's a Christmas present for my wife and my cousin says that the chickens have a condo.

It's the "Christmas Condo Coop".

Step 1:
Find a large scrap pile to pick thru for the good stuff.

Step 2:
Get the old flat-bed boat trailer out of the shed and start framing the walls.

Step 3:
Finish framing the wall and the roof.

Step 4:
More walls and the roof put on.

Step 5:
Insulate floor, roof, walls, and put tin on roof.

Step 6:
Put the window (plexiglass) in and the last wall on with the pop door cutout.

Step 7:
Make a video of your progress and show off to all your Facebook friends.

Step 8:
Redo the back pop door so it's on a sliding track and not hinged.

Step 9:
Build nestboxes and roosts.


Step 10
Put the people door on.



And the most important step in building a chicken coop....

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Things I need to do yet are:
  • Build the door.
  • Add more ventilation (mainly in the door).
  • Put linolium tile on floor.
  • Paint
  • Add trim
  • Extend the run out the front.
  • Build covered run out the front.
  • Move the whole coop out to where my wife wants it.
  • Build run out the back.
So there's not much left to do :).

More to come.

Thanks for looking.