I live on an 11 acre farm in rural middle Tennessee with my wife and 12 year old son. Our home is a beautiful old farm house built sometime in the 1880's. We have three horses, 26 chickens (getting more soon), 3 dogs and 3 cats. We absolutely love where we live and wouldn't want to live any where else.
Our current breeds of chicken: Barnevelder, Welsummer, Buckeyes, Faverolles, Dorkings, Russian Orloff, WF Black Spanish, Barred Rock, BSL, EE, LB Leghorns, Lakenvelder, Campines, Cochin, D'uccle, Spitzhauben, and probably some that I'm forgetting.
On order for this year: Turkeys- Black Spanish, Narragansett, Royal Palm. Chicks- Delaware, Sumatra, EE, Buckeyes
Pics of our farm and animals: