Breed Details:
Average weight: 500 to 600 grams (about 1.1 to 1.3 pounds) Temperament: Ruddy ducks are exotic. They can be kept as pets, but will never be as nice, and friendly as domestic birds. Therefore, their temperament is fine if raised from a duckling. Purpose: Hunting, meat. Egg-laying habits and numbers: Females lay 1 egg per day. Characteristics of meat: Light brown, and oily. Climate tolerance: -15 degrees. In hot weather 120 degrees. Special housing needs: More than 50% of the enclosure needs to be water (They only come out of water if it is about to freeze). Level of raising difficulty: Ruddy ducks are harder to raise than domestic ducks. They aren't a beginner's pet, and require a more difficult setup than most ducks. Parenting: Female ruddy ducks are GREAT parents to their young. They tend to them, and protect them, however they do not feed them (Ducklings have to feed themselves). Male-female ratio: 3:1. Three males per 1 female. Incubation period: 22-27 days Length of breeding season: Spring- Summer. Growth rate: Fast, 7-10 weeks after birth, until adulthood. Loud/quiet: They are generally quiet, they only make noise during mating. Foraging abilities: They are GREAT foragers! Because they live in the water, foraging is their only method of food, so their skills of foraging are great.