Run And Coop Construction

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    Coop and Run Construction...Page 1

    Here is the creation of
    the run for our chicken coop. We have 11 chickens in all. When I started this project, we only had 5. Then we got rid of one, adopted 3.. and then a month later adopted 4 bantams. Soon, I am getting rid of one bantam, so there will be 10 in all.

    These 2 pictures are of where it is going to be. The run is going to be 8 X 16. First though, I have to move all this stuff, and dodge the big bumblebee nest under the plastic shed there.



    here is the begining of the frame


    I buried some cinderblocks at the base of the coop/run just in case something with teeth and claws decided to try and dig it's way in from under the shed.


    Corner and side after concrete was added


    click here....

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