Russian Orloff Mahogany

  1. Edgewick_Stockdogs

    Russian Orloff
    Mahogany Created by Edgewick_Stockdogs
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Large birds. Rich, beautiful coloring. European varieties have white legs, American birds have yellow legs - I have one of each! Pretty sociable with people. Not prolific egg layers - more of an ornamental bird. I only have two hens. Known to be extremely hearty in cold weather. They were developed by Count Orloff in Russia!





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    Female Russian Orloff - adult.​

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  1. SouthDakotan
    Where did you find your hens? I'm in South Dakota & need cold hardy breeds and have been trying to locate breeders of the Russian Orloff
  2. Tree10
    I have 4 7 year-old hens. VERY hardy breed, can be broody, very sociable with people, gentle with other hens. One of my favorite breeds.

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