Russian Orloff Mahogany

  1. Edgewick_Stockdogs

    Russian Orloff
    Mahogany Created by Edgewick_Stockdogs
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    Large birds. Rich, beautiful coloring. European varieties have white legs, American birds have yellow legs - I have one of each! Pretty sociable with people. Not prolific egg layers - more of an ornamental bird. I only have two hens. Known to be extremely hearty in cold weather. They were developed by Count Orloff in Russia!





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    Female Russian Orloff - adult.​

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  1. Tree10
    I have 4 7 year-old hens. VERY hardy breed, can be broody, very sociable with people, gentle with other hens. One of my favorite breeds.
  2. SouthDakotan
    Where did you find your hens? I'm in South Dakota & need cold hardy breeds and have been trying to locate breeders of the Russian Orloff

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