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By RusticDreamer · May 1, 2012 · Updated Jan 2, 2013 · ·
  1. RusticDreamer

    After one of our pigs went absolutely crazy and released over 3 dozen birds into his pen, which in turn became dinner for him over several weeks time...we have finally began replenishing our stock!! [​IMG]

    Needless to say...our crazy pig is now....IN THE FREEZER!! [​IMG]AND, hubby is building new pens, far...far...away from the new pigs! (Yes, NEW pigs)!

    We have the sweetest little buffs orpingtons, red stars, black stars, dark brahmas, partridge brahmas, RIRs, blue ameracaunas and a bunch of mixes, some Heritage Auburn turkeys and Silver Auburns and Muscovy ducks! We also have (I think) one of the most beautifully, majestic roos I've ever owned! He isn't like any I've had, so sweet and such a gentleman...will usher all the girls over to let them eat before he does, and he stands watch over them and quickly runs to break up any squabbles that break out in the pen! He's a mix, but we love him!!

    [​IMG] Our sweet, mixed roo, Cogburn! He's really TALL!!

    [​IMG] Some of our buffs!! They are just soooo calm and don't mind being held. They are still young, just 9 weeks in this photo!

    [​IMG] Two of our RIR's! These girls happen to be our roo's favorites!! Poor things, I think it's time to invest in saddles!!

    [​IMG] Our Heritage Auburns (tom & hen) and a Silver! (this was taken in Spring 2012, Henry, our tom, is all of 30+ lbs now!!

    [​IMG] Some of our younger buffs, gold stars and dom mixes taken in Spring 2012.

    [​IMG] Our donkey, Eeyore and Ajax! Eeyore loves to come up to the deck and check out whatever (or whoever) is up there! :)

    [​IMG] One of our bannies...she always gives me the craziest look when I have the camera out!

    [​IMG] Setting on eggs!! I love using these little buckets in the nesting boxes b'cuz they are so easy to clean (when the girls aren't in them!)

    [​IMG] Our THREE LITTLE PIGS!! We just got these little guys over the weekend, they are still a little skittish, but they are learning where the food comes from and are getting a little braver each day!

    [​IMG] Our husky mix, Crystal, greeting a new turkey poult!

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  1. RusticDreamer
    @Fishbone I'm not sure if Crystal has any basset or not? She was a foundling...the vet said she was a husky mix, so I would imagine basset is possible! :) @texasgurl thanks so much, that's ME!! They are soooo sweet, they jump up onto my lap when I am sitting near them or gardening...I have to be careful though, I get pecked in the head alot...they are just giving kisses, I'm sure! LOL @LindaR thank you, we are still trying to figure out exactly what he is a 'mix' of! He always throws off black chicks, no matter what hen they come from!!
  2. LindaR
    Love your pictures ! Your rooster is beautiful.
  3. texasgurl
    I love the pic of someone holding all the girls... so cute!!!
  4. fishbone421
    your whole flock is awesome, but i especially enjoy your crystal. Any basset hound in her lineage? She has the feet kinda.

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