Hi my name is Ruby and I live in Southern California. I am a proud owner of 3 bantam chickies. Allow me to introduce them to you

I have 2 hens and one groutchy rooster. Their names are: Cocoa, Sabastion "Bassy" for short, and Roquet (pronouced Ra-kay. think of croquet ;)
Cocoa is a mutt. Her daddy was a frizzle cochin and her mom was a who-knows-what.
Sabastion is a Dutch bantam rooster and also the one and only Nazi rooster. He's got a bad temper and a horrible attitude.
Roquet is either a Plymouth Rock bantam or a Cukoo Maran. I will change this once I find out.

this is a picture of Cocoa and Roquet.

Roquet and the meanest rooster in town, Bassy
Bad boy on the cement
Sabastion, being noisy as usual.