We are the new proud parents of 18 Buff Orpinton's. Our Buff Orp's are still living
in the home until our hutch is complete (we have the foundation and frame done!)
I will post pictures soon. They are growing SO fast. They're now 4 weeks old and are
very friendly.
This is the first week we brought them home. My wife fell asleep with
one on her shoulder (and so did the chicky.)

We have 4 half-siamese cats in the house (two brother and sister pairs.) We have an old
Guinney Pig named Jerry that they leave alone (open cage and all) and we have put up
netting around the birds to keep them safe while we're out. They're VERY good cats. Our
most aggressive cat sniffed one of the chickens, had this kind-of "oh brother" look, and
walked off. IMGP0428.jpg
Here are three of our cats checking out a chick for the first time. Angel on the left is thinking "I hate photos"
Claudia in the middle is thinking "If I take just one, will they notice?" and her brother Louie on the right is
thinking "We hates it!! Haaates it, precious!!"​
The bird that answers the question of the sphinx's gets noodles for dinner!!
(they love whole grain spaghetti noodles)​
Yes, I realize these pics may be alarming to some, but we have had no incidents.
Our cats are very well behaved (unless you're eating a milk shake, in which case
they insist you have to share!!)
Our buff orpingtons are wonderful birds. We've had one pecking incident but followed
the advice on the forums here and turned off the heat light (now they're bigger they
were starting to pant under it) and have given them more room to move about. We
let them out all day on saturday and they cooed all night when we brought them back
in (they evidently had a VERY good time.) hopefully soon our hutch will be complete
and I'll post pics of it here.​