Sad Eggs

By 9gerianMile · Dec 3, 2012 · Updated Dec 3, 2012 · ·
  1. 9gerianMile
    Here is an example of some sad eggs:

    Never a good sign. At this point, I'm disappointed in the Postal Service for poor handling.

    Significant Leaking...

    Now I see what went wrong. Not the USPS' fault.

    Too large of bubble wrap, and eggs are not wrapped individually.

    This is what happens when eggs smack together in transit if they aren't individually wrapped.



    10 eggs made it intact, though the air cells are trashed and scattered. Some are slightly cracked, but I'm going to hope they can make it. I wiped off the dripping yolk/whites mix and the survivors are resting now. Hoping at least a few can pull through!

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  1. Sally Sunshine
  2. Tammy N
    I am sorry this is Bad news I just got 24 turkey eggs they should be here soon I can only pray they come in whole PLEASE MRS Post man Let your hands be light your heart be true so you can bring me healthy eggs too.
    Its worrysome when i ship my kittens off too
  3. hdowden
    wow i hope you contacted the seller about this and see what they will do
  4. Chickengirl47
    Poor eggies. I hope the others make it.
    Yes,I am sure it wasn't thier fault but still!
    Where were they from?
    How many eggs were there?
    They better let you have a refund! Thett is horrible service there!

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