This is a few pallets I put together so the girls would have something to play on in the run..

This is the finished pop door I made for the run
Here is the hanging feeder I made.

This is a pic of the front door with summer panel opened.The panels are made from scrap pallets I got from my job..
here is an older pic of the inside with the lay boxes and the roost.
More pics of the lay boxes. The old wood for the boxes was given to me by a friend.And again scrap pallets on the top from work.. run09.jpg

Here is a pic of the run door.The door and chain link was some used stuff I had laying around..

Here is a pic of the bench i made to watch the girls. Again the wood is from scrap pallets..
This is a pic of the side panels [Top left] that can be removed in the summer.

This is a better pic of the side panel all are removable by four wood screws each..

This whole project including paint was done under $150 reusing discarded items (Pallets,tin,chainlink ). A decent coop can be made with a small amount of money..