Saginaw, Texas Chicken Ordinance UPDATE raised limit 2020

Saginaw, TX Chicken Ordinance

(NOT to be confused with Saginaw, MI)

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed6
Roosters AllowedNO
Permit RequiredYES. 1 permit issued per property for up to 6 chickens. Permit cost $20.
Coop Restrictions3) Standards for Keeping Backyard Chickens — Chickens must be kept in a secure pen, coop or enclosed yard at all times and may not run at large. Chicken coops and pens and other appurtenances shall be located and maintained as follows: a) Chicken coops and other enclosures shall be a minimum of thirty two ( 32) square feet in size and must be located a minimum of five ( 5) feet from any property line. Only one ( 1) chicken coop and one ( 1) pen shall be allowed on the property and both must be located on the rear half of the property. b) Pens, enclosures, yards, cages, structures or other similar enclosures must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times and shall not create any offensive odors or favorable conditions that breed or attract flies, mosquitoes, maggots or other insects. c) Manure and droppings shall be removed from pens, yards, cages and other enclosures as necessary to maintain sanitary conditions and handled or properly disposed of as to keep the premises free of any public nuisance. Discarding waste on any public or private property shall be considered a violation. The accumulation of waste on the property is prohibited. d) Nuisance odors or excessive noise as defined in Sections 30- 131 and 30- 132 of this Code shall not be detectable at the property line ofthe lot, property or tract. e) Any processing of deceased backyard chickens shall not occur in any area visible from public rights-of-way or from adjacent properties. 4) Care of Backyard Chickens — Adequate food, shelter, water and care shall be provided to all backyard chickens at all times in accordance with the following regulations: a) Backyard chickens shall have access to a chicken coop or other enclosure providing protection from the elements and from predators. b) Access shall be provided to an enclosure or pen outside of a chicken coop that provides fresh air. c) Sufficient food and water shall be provided. However, the feeding of vegetables, meat scraps or garbage shall be done only in impervious containers or on an impervious platform. Watering troughs, tanks or other watering containers shall be equipped with adequate facilities for draining water overflow to prevent the breeding of flies, mosquitoes and other insects. d) Backyard chickens shall not be kept in any unsanitary or other conditions that are favorable for any zoonotic diseases or that endangers public or animal health and safety. e) Medical treatment from a licensed veterinarian must be obtained by the permit holder and provided to any backyard chicken( s) showing symptoms of illness or injury.
City/Organization Contact nameJose Wheeland
Animal Services Manager
Additional InformationTurkeys, ducks, geese, peacocks and other fowl species are prohibited.
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Information Last UpdatedJuly 9, 2020

NOTE: This information was submitted by a member of our chicken forum. Please make sure to double check that this information is accurate before you proceed with raising chickens.
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