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By saloli · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. saloli
    Hello All,
    So lets update this. We now have 9 hens: 2 buff orpingtons (my 3 yr old picked them as pets they are named Macaroni and Cheese), 2 light brahmas (8yr old claimed and named Rainbow Sprinkles and chubbyfuzzy), 2 plymouth rocks, 2 cuckoo marans, and 1 astrolorp. They are now about 23 weeks old and as of today we have in total had ---- are you ready --- 6 whole eggs, sheesh i thought for sure i would get more by now.
    Other than having 9 non laying hens apparently we have:
    guppies, 2 dogs, many cats (only three are ours the rest just hang around and claim us - ggrrrrrr). One patient not a carpenter but trying husband - 3 small kids, 2 adult kids, each with their own animal obsession to curb or explore, and one annoyed grandma.

    This should be very educating.....

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