look how ugly it was

my fav part was skid/pallet roof "porch" and that I can collect eggs feed and water without stepping in poop!

Our daughter had fun designing and painting all the fun signs and since it has been finished it has turned
into HER serama saloon for breeding frizzled serama and I still use it for grow out as well.

inside video and pop door info....

you can always find my kids in there somewhere... now where is that lock????

HarmonyAnn did the peein off the porch, cause lil Luke has a BAD habit of it!!

Inside of the shed is split in half, storage walking other pens/growouts.
keeping it clean! excuse my cords mess,
and yea I do know how to wrap up an extension cord the right way

its the husband that DONT!

used the left main door as the front pen door too! just latches closed on the2x3 center wall

above, always put some shavings board stoppers to keep your floor clean
from them dirt kicking chickens!
We just used cheap plastic fencing inside the coop, easy to staple too.

old bookshelfs for nest boxes, recently cut down though, we only need two boxes in each of these pens
hens share, nest boxes are over rated, you dont need many at all, and always keep them lower than roost poles.
use 2x4s on the sides if your in cold country so to keep frost bit toes at bay. and keep them low, 12-16" is fine for big birds
and a ladder time system is fine with a 12-14" step back so they dont poo on themselves, poo hamocks are cool and
they say keep coops clean! google roost hammocks! pretty cool stuff!

again another chicken kicker board to stop the dirt from cloggin up the door.
technically you could fit a ton of pens in this shed! we only have a few. single pens and only one double decker on the end

we have made tweaks along the way, a person always has to change with the tides right?

this was the mess b4 the bottom boards! eeek

16" gable vent for ventilation thanks to WV suggestion!
may be overkill but man it was dusty in that thing!!!

how simple can you get to have a pully door! couple of eye hooks, string and a nail

no genius here just fed the string through and out to the center of the shed where I stand
and put two nails, one at half way for when its colder in the winter!

oh look, those boards actually work... DOHHHHH

ummmm dont put them on the outside of the door dum Sally,
put them on the inside and make them removable....
OOPSIES, had to change this one and the bottom one

Plexi left over from an incubator.... whatever works use it!

tripled zip tied heat lamps and put them in thermostat outlets,
love those things for brooders and frizzles

Thermo Cube is a unique and patented electrical device. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet which turns the power on and off automatically, according to the outside temperature. Each unit has two receptacles for use with more than one electrical device.
Use with bird bath and have water available for birds during freezing winter months. Is used for home and outdoor applications such as bird bath deicers, stock tank deicers, unheated rooms, green houses, pump houses, boats and RV's.
"It saves energy and equipment by running only when necessary according to the outside temperature."
Product Description:

  • Turns On at 35º F (2º C) and Turns Off at 45º F (7º C)
  • UL Listed
  • Works Automatically to Ambient Temperature
  • Approximate dimensions: 3-1/4" x 1-3/8"
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
Maximum rating: 1800 Watts/ 15 Amps /120 Volts

oh another trick with heat lamps is to add a nice size rock to the side under it!
it will hold heat should the bulb blow or electric go off and give you time to
notice the loss or get a generator running!

SEE THAT latch we used below??? DONT USE THEM for coops EVER
they are horrible when your in cold areas! use something that gives
you more play with movement. lesson learned. I think I have two
remaining in there that I have to switch out yet, but I dance around
and I can fidget them in

Again, dont go nest box crazy, they dont need many and not higher than roosts ever!!!

a few pics, and of course HarmonyAnns babies