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Salvaged Coop - 4.25

By Bissel · May 16, 2013 · ·
  1. Bissel
    Salvaged Coop.jpg This started out as a simple coop made from salvaged materials from around my home and a few items purchased from my local Habitat Re-Store. It's my first attempt at a coop and like many others, there are several things that I would have done differently but it is what it is and has gone through a few different changes and upgrades along the way. I call it Chicken Coop version 4.25.

    The latest additions have been the door on the front which makes it easier to replace the food and water instead of raising the roof and fighting back chickens trying to escape. I also added the interior roof mounted exhaust fan and lighting system which are both on timers. The exhaust fan keeps it cool during the day and the lighting system in in place when winter comes around so I can keep it warm and provide a few extra hours of "daylight" Today I added some length to the dividers between the nesting boxes because they continued to roost on the sides and poop into the nesting boxes. I also found out the hard way that the door on the back was way too large and once again I had to fight back chickens when I opened it to inspect the boxes. To fix this I added a small door below the large one for egg access.

    My next project will be to construct a small attached pen with a sliding trap door so I can herd them into it and trap them there when its time to clean out the coop. It will be like an exercise yard in a prison.






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Recent User Reviews

  1. karenerwin
    "Interesting shape"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    I like the shape of your coop. Is there a reason you chose to make the coop part shaped that way?
    What are the dimensions of your coop? I would have liked to have read more about or seen pictures of how you actually built the coop.
    I see that you used chicken wire around the run part. Hardware cloth is more secure. Raccoons can tear through chicken wire without much trouble!
    I can't tell from the one picture, do you remove a slat to get to the eggs? Or did a slat fold down to make that narrow opening?
    How many chickens do you house in there?

    Thanks for sharing your coop with us.


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  1. misgallinas6
    nice! me too recycle its the way to go!!
  2. Bissel
    Thanks, It's not what I intended when I started but sort of morphed into this design. I have trouble picturing a finished product when I start a project and instead design as I go. The one picture I didn't include shows that the roof is actually hinged and allows easy access to the yard and perch area. One of my design flaws was making the yard area about three inches higher than my inseam which makes it very difficult to climb over to get in when the roof is open. Oh well, you learn as you go. the other thing I would change is making the nesting area too big.
  3. miquwid
    That is a great design
  4. smoothsewing
    I like it. I love recliaming

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