"Darlin" at about 12 days or so, a Black Australorp, mistakenly thought to be the Plymouth Barred Rock, mislabeled at the store.

The four chickies, all less than 2 weeks: Darlin, Belle (Light Brahma), Bilbo (Plymouth Barred Rock), and Buttercup (Buff Brahma).

Cecilia with "Belle" - don't let the sweetness fool you, she raised her hands in the air shortly after this and yelled, "My chicken is the meanest!"

Bilbo, Plymouth Barred Rock less than a month old, her markings are pretty clear.

Melon for the ladies: Waffles (Barn/Leg), Bunny (Blue Ameraucana) since given away and unfortunately ended up having an early demise, and Scrappy (Dekalb Amberlink).
And the latest:

Frodo, (listed as Cuckoo but appears to be a Splash) Marans at 15 days and Bullet the Sex-Link at ONE DAY! Frodo is now gone since she turned into a HE. He will be mised though.

A Silver Laced Wyandotte (as yet unnamed) at about a week.

And Cookie the Cuckoo Maran at about a week.
This was the replacement for Frodo, Dahlia, a Speckled Sussex: