Santa Fe Springs California Chicken Ordinance

By LarryPQ · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LarryPQ
    Santa Fe Springs California Chicken Ordinance

    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens Allowed12 QTY. A-1 and Agricultural Zoning only. Noise ordinances apply.
    Roosters AllowedYes
    Permit RequiredYes
    Coop RestrictionsYes- Sanitation, zoning, proximity restrictions apply.
    City/Organization Contact name
    Additional Information§ 155.036 PRINCIPAL PERMITTED USES. The following are the principal permitted uses in the A-1 Zone: (A) Farms or ranches for orchards, vineyards, tree crops, field crops, bush and berry crops, vegetable gardening, flower gardening and plant nurseries. (B) Single-family dwellings, not more than one on a lot or parcel of land. (C) The keeping of poultry and rabbits for noncommercial purposes; provided, that not more than 12 poultry and four adult rabbits shall be kept on any one lot or parcel. (B) It is hereby declared to be a nuisance and no person shall suffer or permit any rabbits and/or permitted birds and/or fowl, owned or controlled by him or it, to run or fly at large or to go upon the premises of any other person in the city. § 155.038 CONDITIONAL USES. The following uses are permitted in the A-1 Zone only after a valid conditional use permit has first been obtained: (A) Dairies, including the processing of milk. (B) Grazing or raising of domestic farm animals, including poultry or rabbits (in excess of the number permitted as a principal permitted use), goats, sheep, cows, calves, mules, donkeys or animals of asimilar character; provided, that the minimum lot size for the keeping or raising of such animals is one acre; and provided, that said poultry or animals are not kept closer than 100 feet from the boundary of any residential zone, park, school or institution for human care. (\\\'64 Code, § 3-32) § 92.102 ARTIFICIAL TREATMENT. No person shall dye, color, or otherwise artificially treat any rabbit, baby chick, duckling or other fowl. (\\\'64 Code, § 3-55) (Ord. 729, passed 12-22-87) Penalty, see § 10.97 § 92.103 SALE OF YOUNG. No person shall display, sell, offer for sale, barter to give away any rabbit, baby chick, duckling or other fowl which has been dyed, colored or otherwise artificially treated. (\\\'64 Code, § 3-56) (Ord. 729, passed 12-22-87) Penalty, see § 10.97 § 92.104 SANITARY MAINTENANCE OF ANIMALS. Every person owning or occupying premises where any animal, fowl or bird is kept shall keep the stable, barn, stall, pen, coop, building or place in which said animal is kept in a clean and sanitary condition. (\\\'64 Code, § 3-57) (Ord. 729, passed 12-22-87) Penalty, see § 10.97 § 92.110 NOISY ANIMALS. It is hereby declared to be a nuisance, and no person shall keep, maintain or permit upon any lot or parcel of land within the city under his control, any animal or animals, including any fowl or fowls, which by any sound, or cry, shall interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an entire community or neighborhood or by any considerable number of persons. (\\\'64 Code, § 3-63) (Ord. 729, passed 12-22-87) Penalty, see § 10.97
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