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By sarahkessler · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. sarahkessler
    Hello, our little 7 week old Speckled Sussex has sour crop. So here is what we have tried, we got her to throw up yesterday morning and a lot of smelly goo came out of her crop, and some long grass. She seemed so much better. Today, this am, she is still all full up in her crop, like a tennis ball sized sloshy crop. We are hesitant to vomit her again since we have read it is so dangerous. She has been eating yogurt and rice and drinking water with a little ACV in it. We think we should take her to a vet...does anyone have any experience with Berkeley Dog and Cat as a vet? They say they take chickens.

    Anyone get a chicken through this with out a vet???
    would love any and all advice, been reading from the VAST array of information on the subject on the www and am overwhelmed at this point...

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