Hello, welcome to my page! I am a young mother of three - 3-year-old Aldous, 17-month-old Maddie, and 2-month-old Charlotte! I have been Type 1 Diabetic for most of my life and it's a horrible thing to have, but I shall survive. Got interested in chickens about a year ago; ironically enough, it was DH who nagged me into this adventure and I fought him every step of the way... now I love it! We were raising a flock of twelve Buff's, six RIR's, and nine Easter Eggers but our flock was cut down to almost nothing by some coons last year, only months after we started. Hard lesson learned. We purchased a Great Pyrenees, Aslan, who is now 11 months old, but he doesn't do a very good job, bless him! We had a second coon raid and lost a bunch more chicks in the fall of last year. Only three hens survived - Spot, Little Red and Buttercup. While they love to free range, they go sleep in Fort Knox every night - I will not lose another chicken to a coon! I am hoping that we can get an Anatolian Shepherd someday, especially since DH wants to raise goats and sheep. We currently live in central Kentucky but we are hoping to move to an even more rural place, where we can expand our little farm into a real one.