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By sassy29 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. sassy29
    Many years ago I home-schooled my children on a farm near Richmond, Virginia. The children's social life was limited to an occasional visit to or from neighbors, a church that we attended, and a 4-H club that I led at our home. The children had their own secret club which was limited to older brothers and sisters. My youngest son was considered by the group to be too young, so he had to form his own club. It was called the "chicken club", and all the other members of his club were chickens. They met in the hen house, of course. If we decided to kill a chicken to eat, he would get very upset. Someone in the family even drew a picture of my husband and I hanging from the clothesline with our heads chopped off. I don't recall anyone, however, who wouldn't eat fried chicken when we had it for dinner.

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