School of the Mutants

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    Something has happened, genetically, to the children of America. Not all. But here and there, there are kids with mutant abilities who are cast out or run away because of their differences with everyone else. Their own family's turn on them as throw them out, or the kids leave, not wanting to hurt their families. The government wants to keep this below the surface, not wanting panic to break out across America. So they built a school called "school of the gifted." It was a place for all mutants to live and be educated. The campus was larger than a college campus, big enough to be a small city. All mutants, who had left their home or had been kicked out, were located and transferred to the school. They became a tight family, looking out for one another ad helping each other learn to control their abilities.


    Kids, who have the genetic mutant gene, usually start getting their gifts around their teen years. Some earlier, some later. You are among them, cast off or run away.


    - limit of 2 powers/gifts
    - all BYC rules apply
    - no cussing
    - cannot copy someone else's powers/gifts
    - have fun!

    *Character form*

    Spouse: (over 19)
    Already at school? (Yes or no):
    Castoff or runaway:

    *Accepted characters*

    Name: Luna
    Gender: F
    Age: 17
    Gift: has black angel wings and ice powers
    Crush: none yet. Looking for the right guy
    Spouse: (over 19) none
    Personality: kind, quiet at times, more stubborn than a mule, afraid to hurt someone with her powers, afraid to get close to anyone, for fear of loosing them like she did her mother, smart, brave, often likes to be alone, likes nature, likes to be outside at night underneath the stars and moon. She also likes to fly at night, because her black wings blend in with the night and no one can see her. Soft hearted, can have a bad temper. Sensitive, and caring.
    History: her mother died when Luna was only 8, leaving her father to take care of Luna and her younger brother, Jacob. She lied her father and brother dearly. When she started getting her 'gifts', she was only 10. She's one of the youngest people to get their mutant powers. When she was 16 and her brother was 13, they were playing outside in the middle of July. She had made the entire backyard a iceskating rink and was flying her brother above the ice, holding his hand, her pitch black wings spread wide. They were on an isolated farm, so there was no need to hide her gifts. But when her brother's hand slipped from her own, he fell and hit his head on the ice, leaving him with a concussion and a broken wrist. She had locked herself in her room for days, not eating or coming out. She pulsing control we ice powers and her flying wasnt that good. She was a danger to her family and decided to leave. She packed a backpack full if her belongings along with a large stash of money she had saved up over the years with, then, jumping from her balcony, she flew away from the old farm, from which she had lived on for her entire life. She wasn't are what she was going to do, but she couldn't ever see her family again.
    Picture/description: very long black hair, huge feathery black wings, dark, pitch black eyes.
    Already at school? (Yes or no): no
    Castoff or runaway: runaway
    Other: wherever she walks, ice spreads. And whatever she touches turns to ice. So she keeps to herself and doesn't fly very often. Only when need for a hurried escape.

    Name: Arianna (Ari)
    Gender: F
    Age: almost 18
    Gift: because of her left eye, she can create illusions in people's heads. And she has super strength
    Crush: none
    Spouse: (over 19) none
    Personality: outspoken, outgoing, can be nice when she wants to be, can be a bit if a tomboy, hot temper that often gets control of her. Isn't afraid to fight, even without her powers.
    History: her mother died during child birth. Her father was an alcoholic and very often beat her. Finally, when she was 14, she had the guys to lashed back at him. She had gotten her powers a few days earlier and could beat the sh** out of him. Which she did. That night, when he started yelling and hit her, she finally couldn't stand it and punched him in the stomach, sending him flying backwards and hitting the couch. Ever since that night, her father had been scared if her. He avoided her and hardly ever spoke to her. A few months after she turned 17, her father told her to leave ad never come back, or he'd call the police. She did. She was happy to leave him behind, but gave him a good punch in the nose before she left, saying "that's for making my life a living h***." And with that, she left. After a few weeks of living on her own, a man approached her and told her who he was and why he was there. He was the founder of the school for mutants and offered her a home at the school and she gladly accepted it.
    Picture/description: black hair in a pixie cut with one white stripe in her bangs, and eyes that change color depending on her mood.
    Tall (5'5"), athletic figure. Her left eye has some sort of blue smoke around it.
    Already at the school? (Yes or no): yes
    Castoff or runaway: castoff

    Name: Aaron VanDegraff
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Gift: can see ~3 seconds into the future, can summon an immense blast of power and create a shockwave of variable intensity, up to knocking over a large bus. (Let me know if there are any problems with those, I'll fix them)
    Crush: not yet, but looking
    Personality: tough and angry on the outside ( at least that is what most people see);
    soft, shy and kind hearted inside. Always makes sure that others don't get taken advantage of. Short temper if you say the wrong thing and don't apologize.
    History: grew up in an orphanage, kids always made fun of him until he was 16 and started getting his powers. Then they started lying to the adults saying he was trying to hurt others. He saw them coming for him and didn't bother sticking around any longer. He came across the school just recently, but it took him a while to get the courage to enter.
    Description: 5'7" and skinny, with straight black hair coming down just past his ears. Often wears a dark hoodie in an attempt to not be noticed by other people.
    Already at school: yes
    Castoff/runaway: a bit of both, RUNAWAY

    Name: Jean Wallace[/COLOR]
    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    Gift: telekinesis, telepathy
    Spouse: (over 19)
    Personality: quiet and reserved, she doesn't like hearing others thought and tries to tune them out.
    History:Ran away when her parents wanted to put her in a mental hospital for hearing 'voices' (Thoughts). Discovered she could move object after she ran away, and practices this daily to feed herself.

    Already at school? (Yes or no):no
    Castoff or runaway: runaway
    Other: Has a hooded cape she hides her features with so no one can see what she looks like

    Name: Dylan ConnerGender: male
    Age: 19[/COLOR]
    Gift:photographic reflexes, shapeshifter
    Spouse: (over 19)
    Personality: he has a quiet strength, and is not flashy. Will fight to protect those weaker than himself
    History: Was cast out of his home at 13. Was found and brought to the school soon after, and thrives here.

    eyes change from gray to blue or green depending on his mood and the light

    Already at school? (Yes or no):yes
    Castoff or runaway:cast off
    Other: can only take shapes of creatures he has seen, so the school has shown him lots of creatures

    Name: Dakota Wolfe
    Gender: F
    Age: 15
    Gift: communicate with animals of all kind
    Spouse: (over 19)
    Personality: quiet and keep to self. Loner
    History: She lived with only her father. Her mother died. She was cast out becaus she was thought of as a freak. She raised herself and is now at the school. She trust no one especially men because of her fathers cruelty
    Picture/description: She has black hair and eyes and a scar across her cheek.
    Already at school? (Yes or no): yes
    Castoff or runaway: cast off

    Gift:Has wolf ears and tail and heightened senses
    Crush:None, yet
    Personality:Happy, loves to be outside, is easily saddened but usually bounces back in a few minutes. She enjoys long walks and playing. She tries to stay out of fights and usually flinches if someone acts as if they where going to hit her and she hates yelling.
    History:Her mother was a quiet woman who never stood up for anything. Her father wasn't the best man he always came home late and usually drunk. He'd often beat her while her mother just watched. When her powers began to come in everything got ten times worse she got beat everyday and her mother began ignoring her completely. When she was 14 her mother left her father leaving Wintent with him. Her father blamed her for her mother leaving and locked her in her for days on end without food or water giving her malnutrition. One day when she had been locked in her room for a week her father had his current girlfriend over, and she stumbled upon her room. The woman fled in horror, her father stormed in there and made her leave with nothing but the clothes on her back.
    Already at school?:No
    Castoff or runaway:Castoff
    Other:She has many scars

    Name: Angelos Seraphim
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Gift: Weapons mastery. Can grow white bird wings
    Crush: He may just possibly be growing a crush on Luna. Maybe.
    Spouse: None
    Personality: Bad boy. A little embarrassed about his angelic look - and name.
    History: His name might as well have been "Freak" from the moment he first got his wings (a very painful process) and his father bodily threw him out of the house. A year later, when he was fourteen he was found and brought to the school.

    Already at school?: Yes
    Castoff or runaway: Castoff
    Other: His back is scarred from the wings coming out and in. (Like Wolverine's hands would be if he didn't have is healing powers.)

    Name: Kit-Kat (Katherine) Wood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Gift: Diamond skin.
    Crush: None yet
    Spouse: None
    Personality: Sweet, cheerful, loves music
    History: Her power just showed up and her parents threw her out of the house in horror. So right now, she not in her usual chipper mood.


    (In diamond form)
    Already at school?: No
    Castoff or runaway: Castoff
    Other: Plays piano. Loves candy and making cupcakes
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