Scio Valley is a 2.5 acre farmlette located in SE Michigan just west of Ann Arbor. We raise heritage breed and rare breed chickens; Araucana, , Bard Rock, Buff Orpington and endangered breed American Chinchilla rabbits. Our passion for these fowl has grown as we become more familiar with their unique personalities and behaviors. We raise our animals with organic grains and are grass fed when range free. Lakenvelder
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This is our first year incubating eggs. Typically we let nature take its course by taking advantage of a broody hen. My brother-in-law sent us a Hova Bator Egg Incubator
and automatic egg turner
(thank you!). So far we are very pleased with the results...virtually maintenance free. We're about 2 weeks into the cycle with 60% showing developing embryo's. For a candler I converted a coffee can using a compact fluorescent bulb. I capped the top opening with a piece of black rubber which conforms to the shape of the egg and seals the light in for a better view of what's inside.