[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]Hello everyone! Well I'm finally getting to do something I 've wanted to do for a long time. Raise chickens. What took me so long is that I wanted to be ready for them. I didn't want to have to run around at the last minute finding supplies! I got my building ready, bought my feed, bought 5 hens. Then wham~o! Life dumped 10 more hens on me for free! What a blessing! My goal is to raise enough chickens to keep me, my friends and family loaded with eggs! I'm going to raise chicks and I'll buy more hens. I would like to have about 30 hens. Hey I figure this. They all buy eggs.....they might as well buy them from me! At a $1.25 a dozen, it's a bargain for them and extra cash for me! Well at least it'll pay for my feed! LOL ♥[/FONT]
I bought me a Little Giant incubator! Getting ready to fill it with eggs. My ladies are giving me 10 eggs a day! I've given away 4 dozen eggs. I know that isn't financially profitable but the feeling of accomplishment is priceless! I've got 6 Silkies coming from LMEggs! Can't wait!
I can't put pics on here! Anyone know why?
Wish me luck! 01~08~09