My little yellow bantam rooster "Pete" past away last week 11/09/2011.
Since then I've lost 2 of my Rhoade Island Reds.

Not quite sure what breed of chicken this is but I have 2 of them, they lay brown eggs.

I know 1 of these is RIR, but not sure what the other one is. Hatched them from eggs in an incubator.
This is "Owl". Named because my teenage son looked at her when we first from her home and said "she looks just like an owl".
She loves the tree and so much that when the weather was warm she preferred to lay her eggs inside of the tree rather than the nest box!

My Dutch Bantam hen. Lays small eggs, but sure is cute.

Black Cochin Rooster. I also have a Buff Cochin Hen.