Sealy Booth the gorgeous Silkie roo

By CrystalLuvsHens · Jul 21, 2015 · ·
  1. CrystalLuvsHens
    This is Sealy Booth, so named from the character in the TV show Bones because of his belt buckle that says "Cocky" on it. He is married to a female that looks just like him creatively named Silkie. Booth is so funny, he yells if we separate the two. This spoiled roo lives in an indoor coop and thinks its hilarious to crow. He then gets moved into the bath tub in a dark bathroom and goes right to sleep. The easiest way to catch him free ranging in the backyard is to catch his wife Silkie. He jumps on my lap on the outdoor swing, silly roo!

    Purchased the two together at a local feed store. I believe he is about 5 months old and I am going to use him for breeding because everyone should have such a cool Silkie rooster!

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  1. CrystalLuvsHens
    He is a crack up. Im new to chickens and he is my only roo. I have been through the worst and the most adorable moments already. I have my two Silkies, one Brahma, two Salmon Favs, 2 Leghorns, one Rhode Island Red, one Cochin Bantam, one Polish chick, One production Red chick, One White Rock chick, one Barred Rock, one Cochin, and one Americana. Everybody free ranges in the daytime but the Silkies coop and chick coop is inside where as the other chickens have outdoor coops. Your brave to have more than one Rhode Island Red if your are as sassy as my hen. She loves to yell at me when she sees me ever since she caught me taking one of her eggs from the coop, lol.
  2. 6368
    He sounds like the funniest rooster I know! I have Rhode Island Reds too! 5 hens.
  3. Ballerina Bird
    How cute, and what a great personality.
  4. CrystalLuvsHens
  5. BYC Project Manager
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  6. CrystalLuvsHens
    Your right, I snuggle and spoil my hens and roo. Im the crazy chicken and cat lady, lol. I cuddle with my Rhode Island Red, Cochin Bantam, Polish, and two Silkies in my bed. The RIR puts her head under my neck, she makes me sleepy. I have odd birds.
  7. Barredrock360
    Neat i wish my Red-stars would be that friendly. I have 4 hens. Mine aren't as spoiled as yours, but i let them free range a few hours a day.

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