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By 007Sean · Jul 6, 2016 · Updated Nov 26, 2016 · ·
  1. 007Sean
    [​IMG]Rarely seen picture of baby hummer in nest. Nest is about the size of a half dollar coin.
    I got started in aviculture in 1967. 1st ordered 100 variety day old chicks from McMurry Hatchery. It continue to grow, quail, geese, ducks, pheasants, guinea's, peafowl, Emu and some songbirds and other prohibited fowl(raptors) but living way out in the "sticks" no one knew or cared about what I was raising. Currently, im raising/breeding Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Lady Amherst, Elliot, Reeves, Bianchi, Versicolor, Ijima Copper, Idaho Blueback ringnecked, Wild Kansas ringnecked, Green, Black and Blue Melanistic pheasants, plus 16 other species of "true pheasants". Also, Greater Prairie chickens, Gamble, Blue, Valley, Mountain, Mexican Speckeled Bobwhites, Northern Bobwhites and Button quail. Here are a few of my favorite pics. [​IMG]

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  1. GlennLee
    Beautiful birds and to think that's only a small part of what you do! Congrats on receiving POW.
  2. Feather Hearts
  3. GoldenFlight
    Love your red golden pheasant!
  4. DuckGirl77
    Wow, beautiful birds! Congrats on POW!
  5. melishkia
    How cool, I've wanted to get into quail but heard they are difficult to keep and raise- kudos to you for making a hobby out of it!
  6. NathanZee
    Great pictures, congratulations!
  7. CherriesBrood
    Gorgeous birds!!!
  8. Yorkshire Coop
    Beutiful birds you have there :)
    Congrats on POW! :)
  9. Whittni
    Very pretty

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