Seattle Chicken Condo

By UrbanMoshavnik · Aug 10, 2012 · Updated Aug 11, 2012 · ·
  1. UrbanMoshavnik
    Seattle Chicken Condo

    Here I will display our chicken coup which is home to our 6 Rhode Island Reds.

    This plan was taken from The Palace

    Funny thing was I had my idea drawn out and one night I was online and came across this guy with almost the same idea. So long story short I just modeled after his to save time and did most of this just by looking at his pictures.

    There are many good ideas on BYC and I just wanted to show appreciation by showing mine and that YES, you can make one too!

    My whole family really enjoyed doing this project together which made it worth the effort. If you are wondering what you can do as a family well here is an idea that they will all love.

    It has the following features:
    3 Tab Composite Roof
    Concrete Footer
    Nest boxes for 3
    Attic compartment for ultra secret upcoming add on
    Rope pulley door opener
    Sand floor with drainage
    EASY to keep clean

    ..and matches our fence and just blends into surroundings so urban lookie-loos can't really complain when they see it.
    *Note: It is legal to have up to 8 chickens / no rooster where I live


    I will organize these more later

    Here are the little chics that prompted my construction effort...


    My son helping finish up the footer. I believe we used about 20 bags of concrete @2.50 a bag. We aslo used my friend's mixer to make it a bit easier which really helped. The whole family was involved and had a great time. * Note this footer is about 6" x 6" and runs 12' x 6'.


    Don't be intimidated by pouring the footer.
    Our 8 yr old smoothed it out for me.
    Such dilligence!


    View of the drainage system being covered by the crushed rock.
    Also you can see some of the framing here.


    Framing. Most of the 2x4s used are the standard 96" studs you find at the store which are very inexpensive.


    Pulley for the chicken door


    The door extends low. The top and bottom of door have a thin board that acts as a stop.


    Inside the coop. The floor is completely covered with tile squares. Will post an updated picture soon.


    Back window


    The girls


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  1. FlappyFeathers
    "Gorgous Coop!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Construction is clean and professional looking. Great photos!
    Those tiny feeders will surely need to be switched out to some bigger ones soon.


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  1. Quasequa
    Awesome coop. Do you have a list of materials that were used? Thanks in advance!!
  2. presh22
    Great Job, Fun that the family helped you!
  3. chickoni
    Wow. The chickens moved in and ain't goin' to college. They are here to stay!
  4. UrbanMoshavnik
    I want to say around $450. I had quite a few 2x4s already as well as most of the fasteners and a few pieces of plywood. The wood siding on the coop was the biggest cost per piece. Concrete took about 20 bags @2.55 a bag. The rounded 1x4s are very inexpensive and easily found. I had to buy the crushed rock and sand as well.
  5. Dwkuska
    Dare I ask for the ballpark of your whole operation? Looks really nice!
  6. UrbanMoshavnik
    Thanks for the comments we enjoyed building it!
  7. bk2gther
    I like the design of the coop..Great Job!
  8. coolcanoechic
    That is a very nice looking coop!

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