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    "Saltbox" Chicken coop / tractor See more and order on my website:
    This stylish coop is designed for two to five laying hens. The nesting boxes are accessed from a door at a nice comfortable height - and alows for easy egg extraction - no bending over here. The interior features an upper roost. A ladder down to the ground swings up by pulling a cord - securing in your birds for the night in the predadator and rodent proof coop. When the ladder is down, the base of the coop becomes a "chicken tractor" area that you can move around the yard "wheelbarrow" style with it's two wheels and handle. The area underneath can be easilsy expanded to any run size with the addition of more chicken wire fencing, or just let your hens free range during the day - and pull up the ladder after they've come in and roosted at sundown (they always do).

    Features and wild claims:
    - Rodent proof. There are no gaps larger than 1/2"
    - Wheels on two of the legs and a handle on the other side make it easy for one person to move it around the yard.
    - Measures 4'10" long, 3' wide and 7' tall.
    - 15 square feet makes it ideal for three hens, and fine for up to 5.
    - A window on each side is positioned so you can see your hens when they are up on the interior roost. The rear door also has a screened-in window. We offer an optional plexiglass insert for these three windows if you live in a colder area.
    - Built by a laid-off finish carpenter, it is very finely detailed and should outlast the house you put it next to.
    - Board and Batten siding made with local Western Red Cedar, a naturally rot-resistant wood that starts out a beatiful redish yellow color and silvers over time.
    - Roofing is your choice of cedar shingles or galvenized corrugated roofing.
    - Works terrific as a chick incubator. Just plug in a heat lamp and follow the instructions on raising chicks that is provided.
    - Built the old fashioned way with real wood and nails. No Glue, Paint, Tar Paper or Plastic (except for the wheels and optional plexiglass window inserts).

    Free delivery in the Seattle area. Delivery to Portland for $100. Contact Stuga to arrange shipping and/or pickup for other locations.

    Thank you, Berg

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