Secret Swap!
come on down to the Secret Swap!
Begins: December 30, 2007

Must Enter By: January 15, 2008
Welcome all to the Secret Swap! this is a great way to meet the members of the board and meet long time friends!.Minors please inform me if you are a Minor, all young'ens are welcomed!.
How it goes, E-Mail, or PM me telling me that you would like to enter then :
- Tell me what you would like to recieve
-Tell me what you are going to send
-And tell me if there is any particular thing you would not like to recieve(Hatching eggs, chicks, etc)
Then, I will pair you up with a buddy.
You and your buddy can swap stories talk, get to know eachother.
Then you and yout buddy swap adresses and send your secret gifts!
Don't know what to get your buddy?
Dont know what to get your buddy well here is some ideas for all you that like the simpilar things, like me:
-Hats (for you crafty people)
- Hatching eggs (for you hatchoholics)
-Chicken related wear
-Chicken books (for you chicken people that would like to learn more)
-Gift certificate's (for the people have ABSOLUTELY! NO IDEA what to get your buddy)
-chicken related furniture (For people like Silkiechicken
I will change the enter date if there are still tons of people entering
I would like to get everyone to send there packages by January 31st So if every one can do that I would be very thankful, and im sure everyone wanting to know what there packages are will be thankful too!