We live in Boston, Virginia on almost 5 acres! I'm always adding new critters, I just can't help myself!

We have; 65 chickens, 5 ducks, 5 Guinea fowl, 2 horses, pair of Silver Fox meat rabbits, 2 Guinea Pigs, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 aquariums & a 3,300g pond. Like it says above, I'm wanting to add a breeding trio of Babydoll Sheep, several kinds of Fruit trees, my favorite Willow trees and a huge raised Veggie garden in the front yard. I already started the garden, they need a lot more room next Spring! Also added one Willow and have several whips in water I'm hoping to container grow until they are big enough to plant outdoors. I've started downsizing my flock of chickens. Just too many Jap banties and tiny eggs I can't keep up or sell. Also thinking of selling 1 or all of my male Guineas, they are just evil and so dumb. Might sell all of them. Any takers?

I've got big plans for our 'ol tiny house!